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Welcome to Gakuenzaka studio's site. This studio was planned and built for performers like musicians, dancers, actors who are belonging to all genres of performing arts.


We can offer all kinds of lessons, rehearsals, workshops and so on. We have three studios called A,B and C stuido. A studio is larger space which is about 60 square meters, for dance company, choir group and theater playing. 

B studio is a space which is 12 square meters. B studio is especailly for music, 24hours you can play instruments like the piano or the drums. And here, we have PA recording systems. B is useful for from five to ten people. 

C studio is max.2 persons for piano lessons or brass, wind instruments and vocals. Here we can offer special happy price. 


Concepts of Gakuenzaka

Gakuenzaka studio is a sharing studio which is managed by low bujdets. So please cooperate with our association and  keeping cleanliness,  being punctual and so on. 

The word "studio" comes from studying and learnnig. Our main concept is co-learning or co-studying or co-playing. And we hope our studio will be opened to all people, from children to adults.

So please be careful for some rules of our studio as the following texts.

★Food and drink are prohibited inside studios.

★Take away trashes yourself.★Please refrain from making too noisy sound.★Remove your shoes before entering.★No smoking.

About reservations and other things, please see matters that require attentions.

A studio:  about 60㎡  


for  rehearsals of dance, choir, theater playing, class , workshops, etc.

width  5m~5.5m

depth  about 12m

heights maxi. 2.6m

heights mini.  2.3m


 grand piano  

※Playing time of tha piano is from 10 to 22 o'clock.

B studio:  about 20㎡  


for  rehearsal of music, recording, etc.

C studio:  about 2.5㎡  


for  solo or duo rehearsal  of piano,vocal,etc.

width 3.2m~3.4m

depth 6.2m

heights max.  2.4m

heights min.   2.2m

linoleum (Forbo)

 upright piano


w.1.85m × d.1.34m

h. 2.04m

 upright piano


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