Traffic information


①Seibu-shinjuku line



(change the line at Hagiyama st.)


②JR Chuo line



(change the line at Kokubunji st.


③JR Musashino line

18minutes' walk from Shin-Kodaira st.

5minutes by bus or 3minutes by taxi



Mainly from Kokubunji st.,  Kodaira, Shin-Kodaira, and Musashi-Koganei.

address:Nakamura build.3F, 1-7-41, Gakuenhigashimachi,

Tokyo, 187-0043, Japan



Just one minute from northside of Hitotsubashi-gakuen station.  

After getting off the train, please go straight along the line for

northside, you will find the supermarket called "Maruetsu" and

soon turn to the right, then the building where 1st fllor "Kuroshi-sushi"

is you can see. Here 3rd floor we are.

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②Call 042-202-0423 (10:00〜23:00)

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1-7-41   Gakuen-higasgimachi Kodairashi Tokyo Japan